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How to start a Core Channel Node

Core channel nodes will stake and receive rewards, validate the network, control and manage the network, (iv) provide database and file storage services.


  • The node operator must stake 200K ALEPH tokens to start the node
  • Stakers must stake a minimum of 500K ALEPH tokens on the node before receiving rewards

Hardware Requirements

  • If you do not want to manage the node yourself, our partner NodeForge can provide a turnkey solution for a competitive price of $299.99/mo (hardware and maintenance)
  • If you prefer managing your node, you'll need:
    • 32 GB ram minimum; 64 GB ram recommended
    • recent CPU with at least 4 cores
    • 100 MB upload bandwidth minimum (ideally 1 GB)
    • 4+ TB HDD or SSD (ideally with at least the system on an SSD)


Step by step on how to set up a node from scratch

Core channel nodes and node operators

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