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What is Aleph?

Aleph is an open-source off-chain P2P (peer-to-peer) network featuring a decentralized database (inc. file storage), computing, and a DID framework. Aleph allows your blockchain-enabled app (dApp) to securely access trusted off-chain data or computation through cross-chain connectivity and our javascript client library.
Solution stack

Why use Aleph.im?

To build dApps without centralized components. Data storage and business logic run on Aleph's unstoppable decentralized network instead of a centralized service such as AWS or Google Cloud.
This is the first generation of fully decentralized apps.

Use cases

  • DEX (Decentralized Exchange) Order Book - Running on Aleph's decentralized database.
  • Document Certification - Guaranteed by Aleph's trustless system.
  • KYC Metadata - KYC (Know Your Customer) meets DID (Decentralized Identifiers): seamlessly onboard new users. A single KYC can now be used multiple times.
  • NFT Metadata - Fully decentralized NFTs when NFT metadata is stored on Aleph.
  • Document Management - In-house customized DMS running on Aleph's decentralized file storage and database.
  • Cloud Storage / Website Hosting - Host your static website built in HTML+CSS+JS on the Aleph network.
  • Real-Time dApp - Build real-time DApps without off-chain workarounds that work across multiple chains.
  • Social Apps - Censorship-resistant Social Media App.