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Getting started

Get up and running with our Aleph Typescript SDK and start developing your Aleph integration.
Integrating with Aleph requires two steps:
  1. 1.
    Install the client library in your application so that you can interact with the Aleph API
  2. 2.
    Make an API request

1. Import aleph-sdk-ts in your dApp

We provide an official typescript library. Open your terminal window and navigate into your project's root folder and install the library:
$ npm install aleph-sdk-ts

2. Make an API request

To check the integration is working, make a basic API request within your project.
Here we are retrieving all Posts that were made with a post type of "chat" and with a reference of "hall". We'll go into more details about post types and references in the Post Resource Reference.
import { post } from 'aleph-sdk-ts'
(async() => {
await post.Get({
types: 'chat'
Aleph returns an object with a posts key containing an array of all the posts that were made with the query params we requested.
The response should look like this:
pagination_item: "posts",
pagination_page: 1,
pagination_per_page: 200,
pagination_total: 457,
posts: [
address: "0xa00C60b5Ea6c6d0C277680fE66b5c864fBF66945"
chain: "ETH"
channel: "TEST"
confirmed: false
content: {body: 'Trying to learn Aleph im\nand blockchain\n'}
hash: "e909fe197355327ac529211e25d1cb254922851eac1bbce7c0e7d7d24b056e5b"
item_content: "{\"type\":\"chat\",\"address\":\"0xa00C60b5Ea6c6d0C277680fE66b5c864fBF66945\",\"content\":{\"body\":\"Trying to learn Aleph im\\nand blockchain\\n\"},\"time\":1635864095.033,\"ref\":\"hall\"}"
item_hash: "e909fe197355327ac529211e25d1cb254922851eac1bbce7c0e7d7d24b056e5b"
item_type: "inline"
original_item_hash: "e909fe197355327ac529211e25d1cb254922851eac1bbce7c0e7d7d24b056e5b"
original_ref: "hall"
original_signature: "0x3ca1de98e513e5ee668c0065f50a5190ce01d6b957f97dbd5aa997d6d6e65be344c560f41a02397873ac34aaf3ae5d2ae9f4ec5f8af8fd7304685ef3fc37e5cd1b"
original_type: "chat"
ref: "hall"
sender: "0xa00C60b5Ea6c6d0C277680fE66b5c864fBF66945"
signature: "0x3ca1de98e513e5ee668c0065f50a5190ce01d6b957f97dbd5aa997d6d6e65be344c560f41a02397873ac34aaf3ae5d2ae9f4ec5f8af8fd7304685ef3fc37e5cd1b"
size: 169
time: 1635864095.033
type: "chat"
_id: {$oid: '61814e3416d179f0c1741e7a'}
{ ... },
... 199 more items

3. Next Steps - Writing to the Network

Once you have successfully made an API GET request, connect a blockchain account to write to the aleph.im network.