Command-Line Interface Setup

Build, test, and manage your Aleph integration from the terminal.

The Aleph Command Line Interface makes it easy to create and manage resources as well as programs for aleph virtual machines directly from the terminal.

Download and install


Some cryptographic functionalities use curve secp256k1 and require installing libsecp256k1.

$ apt-get install -y python3-pip libsecp256k1-dev

Install the aleph-client:

$ pip install aleph-client

Installation for development

If you want NULS2 support you will need to install nuls2-python (currently only available on github):

$ pip install git+

To install from source and still be able to modify the source code:

$ pip install -e . or $ python develop

Getting started

After you install the CLI, run the $ python3 -m aleph-client --help command. You should be getting the help prompt for the client.

Now you're ready to use the CLI to manage resources:

$ python3 -m aleph_client watch --indent 4 "0x8d710289e2476fdf99fb69e42c7069866cc104e06986e1ac8aa272b5d8e7d81d"

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